Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Light of Christ

The girls were downstairs watching a movie and I had gotten almost everything done that was on my resolution chart. Enos was on the computer working on special needs scouts stuff and he said, “Why don’t you get out of here.” I decided to go shopping. But before I made it to Walmart, I ended up at the cemetery. The sky promised a colorful and bright sunset and I wanted to be up high to get the best view. As I turned into the cemetery I heard a voice say something like, “The sunset is great, but what it lights up can be even better.” With that, I anticipated that the eastern mountains would be glowing with vivid autumn colors. At the top, I turned right, heading toward Josh’s spot. That’s when I saw it. The Jesus statue close to Josh’s marker was a brilliant white. The setting sun had shadowed the ground all around, but the statue being elevated caught the last of the light. I parked quickly and ran, pulling my cellphone out of my pocket to take a picture. Wow. After my spiritual bucket was full, I pulled away and as I drove back down the hill, I said to Josh, “You’re still with me, aren’t you?” In my mind’s eye, I saw him smile and I felt such sweet emotion. Hearing the little voice promising me something better than a sunset and seeing the Jesus Statue lit up was the highlight of my day.