Monday, December 26, 2011

Hymns from the Heart

I'm so glad to have Cody home for Christmas break.  He is a great go-to for any computer questions I have.  He showed me how I can share the stories behind the hymns that I have arranged. Each of the hymns tie in with special experiences that we have had that has helped us cope with having Josh in the Spirit World instead of in our home.  We miss him a lot.  Listening to the CD has been the greatest blessing to me because each song makes me feel loved and cared for.  It reminds me how important it is to look outward, to show love and concern for others.

Although I've shared some of the stories already, I will repost so I can include the actual recording of the hymn arrangements.  After reading the stories, you may click on the link at the end of each post.  My patriarchal blessing tells me that in the Premortal existance, I developed my love for music.  This is a gift I am immensely grateful for and happy to share.

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  1. i am so thankful for the gifts that you have and share!!